The Basics Of Grilling

Let us take a quick look at some of the basics of grilling that any person hoping to become a grill master should be acquainted with. We will discuss each one of these in detail in forthcoming sections but for now, would like to give a brief overview of why knowing each one of these is so important in mastering the art of grilling.

1. Know the Equipment – You may think that buying grilling equipment would be a simple enough decision. However, when you walk into a store, you will find that there is an amazing variety of grills in the market today to suit the need of every person.

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Selecting A Grill

The most basic equipment you will need to get started is the grill. Contrary to what most people expect, selecting a grill is as not as simple as walking into a store and picking up something that the salesperson persuades you to buy. A fancy looking or pricey grill does not necessarily mean that it is the most efficient one and may end up not meeting your purpose or fitting in your space.

Before you start looking at and evaluating the various grilling equipment in the market, it is very essential that you carry out some research on your requirements first.

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Lighting a Charcoal Grill

img3Before you start lighting up a grill, take a few safety precautions. Always ensure that the grill is kept on a solid, even surface so that it is well balanced. There should not be any long grass, shrubbery or overhangings close to the grill. Also, check to make sure that the vents in the grill are not clogged with ashes and are open so that air can circulate freely.

Now follow the steps as outlined below to start a fire in a charcoal grill.

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Kinds of Grilling Equipment

img4To know which equipment best fits your needs; let us take a quick overview of the different kinds of equipment in the market today and what requirements they best satisfy.

• If you are just an occasional griller and have a very select group of people to cater to, chances are you will also be cooking smaller portions and smaller cuts of meat. Small picnic grills or hibachis, which are small, fairly portable charcoal grills, may be ideal for you.

• If you intend to host a larger group of people and have year-round grilling, with a preference for larger cuts of meat, then you may be better off going in for a large covered grill.

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Cleaning Your Grill

img6If you are a heavy user of the grill or are busy with work after weekend parties, it may not be possible to clean your grill after every meal. However, you should make it a habit to clean it thoroughly at least every two weeks. Not maintaining your grill properly will mean that your food will end up with unpleasant tastes and cause damage to the equipment.

Always spray your grill with non-stick cooking spray or brush it lightly with vegetable oil. This will prevent food from getting stuck to the grill, which if not cleaned in time can end up making the grill crusty.

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How to Use Marinades, Rubs, and Sauces

img7Using a combination of wine, herbs and wood to provide grilled food a smoky taste is a great way of enhancing their taste. Another aspect that plays an equally important role in giving grilled food a very distinctive taste is what kind of rubs or marinades, dipping sauces and basting liquids you use for your food.

A proper selection of these will turn good grilled food into great food. In fact, grilling is a fairly easy and a great way of cooking food. What makes them so special are the distinctive and exciting tastes that they acquire because of added flavors.

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